30 cool things you need to know about Germany

If you want to learn more about Germany and its history, this list includes 30 interesting things that will help you learn more about Germany, in an entertaining way.

Let’s go or as the germans say, Lass uns gehen!

  1. You may not know, but the Germans are the second largest per capita beer consumers after the Czechs. No wonder that, due to its high consumption, beer in Bavaria is not considered a drink, but a real food!
  2. In case you still had doubts about it, Germany is currently the strongest economy in Europe.
  3. In Germany there are 1,300 breweries with over 5,000 different types of beer and in Munich there are more than 60 beer gardens.
  4. The oldest brewery in the world was founded in 1040 not far from Regensburg and is the Weltenburg Abbey.
  5. In Germany there is not only a great variety of beer: they love bread and there is more than 300 types of bread!
  6. Germany is also the eighth largest wine producer.
  7. Germany was one of the last nations to ban smoking in restaurants and workplaces, as the government feared to imitate the policy adopted by Nazi officials.
  8. There is no speed limit on 65% of german motorways but it is illegal to run out of fuel!
  9. The largest train station in Europe is Berlin.
  10. Oktoberfest began as a celebration in honor of the wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria in 1810 and does not take place in October, but in the last two weeks of September. Beer wasn’t originally on the menu but was served outside the fair space. Today 7.5 million liters of beer are consumed every year during Oktoberfest.
  11. Oktoberfest has been canceled 24 times.
  12. It took 700 years to build the Cologne Cathedral, which houses up to 40,000 people.
  13. The world’s first printed book was Johannes Gutenberg’s Bible in 1450, a book now kept in Mainz, Germany.
  14. The longest word in the world is of German origin and counts 79 letters well: Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft. This infinite string of letters indicates something like “Association of non-commissioned officers for the management of the central office of the electric boat company on the Danube”.
  15. Hitler never visited any concentration camp.
  16. When it comes to recycling, Germany is the third most efficient nation in the world after Switzerland and Austria.
  17. Germany had several capitals. Bonn was the last capital (from 1949 until 1990) before berlin.
  18. The tradition of the Christmas tree originates in Germany.
  19. After Japan, Germany is the largest auto exporter in the world. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, you name it.
  20. The German language is natively spoken by more than 100 million people around the world and is the official language of Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Lichtenstein, as well as Germany.
  21. Germany has more zoos than any other nation in the world.
  22. The German school system is unique: there are several “high schools” and the Gymnasium. Only the Gymnasium allows access to university, while the other high schools “send” young people directly to the world of work.
  23. The founders of the two sports brands Adidas and Puma are both German and… brothers!
  24. The German Football Federation was founded in 1900 in Leipzig and currently the strongest football club is Bayern MunichThe Germans are big fans, which is why Germany is the nation with the most football clubs in existence.
  25. The hamburgers take their name from the homonymous city of Hamburg.
  26. An average of 15 WWII bombs/relics are found in Germany every year.
  27. ​​Nazi uniforms were designed not by any tailor but by Hugo Boss!
  28. Döner Kebab, Germany’s best-known fast food, was imported by the Turks and invented in Berlin.
  29. Munich is the most expensive city in all of Germany.
  30. There are over 150 castles in Germany and one of them, Neuschwanstein Castle, inspired the castle of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty.

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